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At We Love British we support buying goods from homemade manufacturers.

A primary focus of our campaign is food. We believe in the importance of sourcing food products from within the UK. There are many great reasons for this. Supporting UK businesses helps to keep our economy stable. By investing money in the country it can contribute to the economic recovery.

Another good reason for sourcing food from the UK is the environmental benefit. By avoiding the shipment of food from overseas you can cut down on the huge carbon emissions that go hand in hand with long-haul transport. As climate change becomes an increasing concern we believe that sourcing food from the UK is an easy way to tackle this worldwide issue.

As well as food there is a range of products which can be bought from UK manufacturers. Instead, much of our products – toys, kitchenware, cars, stationery – are sourced from across the world. We believe in supporting UK businesses and economy by buying homemade goods.

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